Like Living in a Hispanic Community… Only Better!

The Driving Force Behind Our Unique Community

Dive into the history and heart of WorldsAcross. Juan, Vicky, and Osmel, bound by over a decade of friendship, share a collective passion for languages. From Juan’s transformative journey with the USA embassy as a cultural ambassador, at a young age, to Vicky’s blend of wanderlust and methodical organization, and Osmel’s vast reservoir of knowledge – this trio perceived an element overlooked by many.
Post-pandemic, united by the belief that language transcends mere vocabulary and grammar, they sought to create a haven where language intertwined with emotion, purpose, and human connection. With the linguistic expertise of Virginia Orozco, they crafted a platform dedicated to Spanish for Beginners and beyond.

Our Tutors: The Heartbeat of WorldsAcross

You could have the best curriculum in the world, but without the right people to deliver it, it all falls flat. That’s why at WorldsAcross, we believe the most critical part of our ecosystem is our tutors. These aren’t just any language instructors; they are the crème de la crème.

The Best of the Best

We go to great lengths to scout, interview, and onboard only those tutors who meet our stringent criteria for excellence. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous selection process that includes a thorough examination of their educational background, teaching methods, and interpersonal skills.

Continuously Trained

Once they’re a part of our community, the learning doesn’t stop. Our tutors are continuously trained and updated with the latest teaching methods and resources. This ensures that you’re not just learning Spanish, but you’re learning it in the most efficient, effective way possible.

Motivated to Motivate

We don’t just hire tutors; we build a family. Our motivational programs for tutors ensure they are as enthusiastic about teaching as you are about learning. When your tutor is motivated, it rubs off on you, making the process enjoyable and fulfilling.

Diverse and Inclusive

Our tutors come from various cultural backgrounds, adding a rich diversity to our teaching methods. This diversity allows us to approach the Spanish language from multiple angles, making your learning experience truly one of a kind.So come join us at WorldsAcross, where the right tutors make all the difference in transforming you from a Spanish learner to a confident Spanish speaker.

Our “Living the Language” Method

Rooted in the acquisition method, our approach immerses students in real-life scenarios, dismantling traditional learning barriers. This engaging method simplifies the journey to Become Fluent in Spanish, blending fun with efficacy.

 Every Spanish Journey is Unique

At WorldsAcross, we celebrate individuality. We’re not just about teaching Spanish. We’re dedicated to offering Personalized Spanish Classes, understanding each learner’s goals, style, and pace. Our commitment to personalization ensures every student’s journey feels exclusively theirs.

More Than Just a Learning Platform

As one of our cherished students aptly put it, our community mirrors the vibrancy of a Hispanic setting. We don’t just offer Online Spanish Classes; we provide an experience. Whether you’re engaging in 1-on-1 sessions, participating in group discussions, or simply soaking in the ambiance, our platform promises connection, relaxation, and pure joy of learning.

Dive into Authentic Spanish

Move beyond textbooks. With WorldsAcross, you Learn Spanish Online as it’s spoken on the streets, shared among friends, and cherished by locals. Experience the real Spanish, unfiltered and genuine.

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The Pillars of WorldsAcross

Juan Herrera

Chief Executive Officer

Osmel Gelvez

Chief Operating Officer

Victoria Sanchez

Chief Education Officer

Virginia Orozco

Academic Success Manager

Sireana Malpica

Media Manager

Manuel Pop

IT Manager