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Your very own Personal Coach ensures a customized learning plan built just for you

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Dive into a class whenever inspiration strikes or schedule fits via video chat

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Our lessons empower you to communicate deeply and understand nuances and customs

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Highly recommend

“For me, WorldsAcross has the missing link for learning Spanish. It’s a bit like living in a Spanish community, only better. Spanish tutors feel like family. I speak Spanish 1 on 1 or in a group, as few or as many hours every day I want. Learn Spanish faster. Increases one’s confidence.”

Richard Bennett

They have impressed me 100%

“Eventually, I found the tutor I worked best with (Sorry JM hehe). My coach keeps things on track and they both listen to my concerns. They are always willing to adapt the program to meet my needs and I truly appreciate that. I find the pricing to be affordable as there are several options in which to choose.”

Shannon Flick

They do the best job

“My experience with WorldsAcross has been everything I could ask for in a Spanish course. They do the best job in shaping your lessons around whatever your learning style may be, and personalizing your courses to achieve your goals by the time you desire. And thats what separates them from other programs.
tony white

Tony White


What are the 1-on-1 classes like?

Our 1-on-1 classes take place via Google Meet. You can choose any of our available tutors and have a class about grammar, practice reading exercises, listening comprehension or just to practice conversation. Our tutors are qualified and trained to get you engaged in the class and teach you in the way you learn best!

What are the group sessions like?

Group sessions are not your typical group class. Instead, they offer a perfect, spontaneous way to increase your fluency by engaging in conversations with other students at your same level about situational topics, hobbies, travel, and various interesting subjects. They serve as the perfect complement to your 1-on-1 classes

What are the tutors like?

Our tutors are the perfect blend of patience, empathy, and knowledge. They possess effective communication skills in both English and Spanish, allowing them to understand, actively listen, and adapt to the needs of each student.

What if I'm starting from scratch?

Our professional Spanish Coaches are trained to guide you on your Spanish journey, regardless of your current level. Our team of tutors and coaches are proficient in English, and the initial levels of our curriculum have been specially designed to include key translations and concepts in English.

What accent or type of Spanish will I learn?

Our diversity is one of our main strengths. We have tutors from countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Venezuela. Even though we all use slightly different idioms and slang, the structure of the language is the same. We will prepare you to speak and understand any Spanish speaker in the world.

What if I want to learn Spanish from Spain?

All our lessons include grammar, pronouns (vosotros), and verb conjugations as they are used in Spain. Although we don’t have tutors from that country, our team is knowledgeable about the nuances between Spanish from Latin America and Spanish from Spain.


Can I pay for individual classes?

The WorldsAcross model operates on a membership basis, and we offer plans that include multiple classes. We believe that consistency is one of the key factors in achieving fluency in a language. That’s why we provide a comprehensive plan that includes everything you need to reach a conversational level and improve your Spanish. This plan encompasses conversational practice, grammar lessons, and, most importantly, the guidance of a coach who can help you navigate your learning journey.


I'm not very tech-savvy. Is it difficult to join a class?

Whether you’re familiar with Google Meet or other web platforms for video chats, our Student Success Team will walk you through the process. Joining classes is quite easy. We’ll send you instructions via email on how to use our web platform and app, both of which are designed to make the process smooth and user-friendly.


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