5 Best Platforms and Apps to Learn Spanish

Virginia Orozco
May 1, 2023
5 Best Platforms and Apps to Learn Spanish

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Iit is one of the official languages of the United Nations and has become increasingly important in today’s world. It is used in business, politics, travel and communication, especially in Latin America, so naturally many people are interested in learning Spanish. 

However, learning a new language can be challenging, particularly if you are a beginner and you, like the majority of us, are on a tight schedule to go to a school. This is why many people choose to take online courses or apps to help them learn. But let’s face it, it can also be overwhelming to have so many different options to choose from. 

In this case, it’s important to bear in mind that the platform, app or website that you choose to learn Spanish with, promotes learning the language along with the culture. Because, the best way to learn a new language is by immersing yourself in the culture and listening to people speak it. This can be difficult if you don’t have access to native speakers or if you live in a country where Spanish isn’t spoken. 

In this manner, the list of options start to narrow and it becomes a bit easier to study the options. So we have done the harsh work just for you: Here is a list of the 5 best platforms and apps for learning Spanish.


Is a popular language-learning platform that offers courses in over 40 languages. It uses interactive games, quizzes, and other exercises to help learners practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking in their target language.

It is a great option to supplement studies, but not only lacks human interaction to practice speaking, but also it demands a significant amount of self-discipline, which makes language learning not sustainable.


Is a language-learning platform that offers courses for people who want to learn a new language or improve their existing language skills. Babbel’s lessons are focused on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation of at least 14 languages. The platform uses a variety of interactive exercises, such as quizzes and dialogues.

Although it offers many practicing options, the platform relies primarily on digital exercises and quizzes, which may not be as engaging or effective for some learners as more interactive or immersive approaches to language learning. 

Rosetta Stone

It provides a comprehensive learning experience that is designed to help learners build practical conversational skills. The platform uses a variety of interactive exercises, such as voice recognition, speech analysis, and visual cues, to help learners practice speaking, listening, and reading in Spanish. 

Even though it is very hightech, it can be quite expensive, taking into account that there is no human interaction and little feedback regarding the learning process.


Is an online platform that connects learners with private tutors for 1-on-1 language lessons and offers flexible scheduling and pricing options, which allows learners to fit language learning into their busy schedules and budgets.

Learners who rely solely on Preply for their language learning may miss out on opportunities for language practice and immersion in a real-life setting, which are important part of developing fluency and confidence in a foreign language.


Is a Spanish learning platform that uses the Living the Language method to immerse students in the language and culture. Unlike other platforms, it fully understands the importance of personalization, since everybody learns differently, thus provides a Coach for every student to design, monitor progress and set goals. 

The platform also offers very flexible scheduling for 1-on-1 classes, as well as access to Group Sessions for dynamic and fun discussions for all levels to practice the most intuitive and interesting part of the language. Our native professional tutors prioritize effective communication skills and cultural diversity, and provide human quality support to students to actually learn and LIVE the language.

And saving the best for last… Do you want to learn Spanish now? Book a free class now and have a taste of what Living Spanish is all about. What are you waiting for?

What are you wating for? Learn the real Spanish!

Virginia Orozco

Virginia Orozco

BA in Modern Languages and Political Scientist. Spanish-English-French Translator. Copywriter. Linguistics and Arts Enthusiast.

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