5 Romantic Movies to Practice Spanish

Milagros Nieto
October 9, 2022
Cinco películas románticas para practicar español

Who doesn’t enjoy watching romantic movies? Besides being a way to practice Spanish, nowadays, many people are learning the language and use movies as a tool to enhance their language skills. We have plenty of alternatives to choose from; you decide which ones you want to watch. The most sought-after ones are Mexican, Colombian, and Venezuelan films featuring renowned actors throughout Latin America. A rainy Sunday is perfect for watching them, so here are five of my favorite movies.


Practice Spanish with these movies:

✅ Sorry If I Call You Love

Sorry If I Call You Love is a Spanish film from 2014 based on a novel of the same name. The novel tells the story of Niki and Alessandro, better known as Alex, who are 17 and 37 years old, respectively. He is an executive in the advertising field, while she is a high school student in her final year.


The movie, narrated by a detective with many secrets, begins when Helena leaves Alex, and he meets Niki after a car accident. Despite the protagonist’s attempts to make plans with him, they formalize their relationship, causing many problems due to their age difference. Without a doubt, this movie is my favorite.


✅ Three Meters Above the Sky

The plot revolves around two characters: Hugo Olivera “Hache” and Bárbara Alcázar “Babi.” Hache is a rebellious and undisciplined young biker with a tumultuous past. On the other hand, Babi is the epitome of a “good girl”; a well-off, innocent, and capricious teenager with overprotective parents.


The film starts with Hache leaving a trial, accused of assaulting his mother’s lover. Meanwhile, Babi is seen walking in her room wearing just a T-shirt and underwear. Their first encounter at school sets the stage for an unexpected ending.


✅ Everybody Loves Somebody

This Mexican film follows a doctor who officially provides obstetrics and gynecology services while giving couples advice on happiness. The twist is that she hasn’t been successful in her own romantic life. Traveling between her job in the United States and her immediate family’s location in Mexico, she asks her coworker to pose as her boyfriend at a family wedding. When her ex-boyfriend shows up, chaos ensues, and the fun begins.


✅ You’ve Got This

In this Mexican film, Alex, a creative advertising professional, wants to fulfill his desire to be a father. However, his wife Ceci, a successful executive at the peak of her career, is not ready for parenthood. When Alex is forced to take care of a baby that isn’t his, his life turns upside down, and the future of their relationship seems in jeopardy. It’s a thought-provoking movie.


✅ Single: Love is Not Enough (My Favorite)

This Mexican comedy is one to watch with your friends. Not only is it a great and very funny movie, but it also makes you question societal ideas about marriage. The film depicts the life of Ana, a woman approaching 30 without being married and facing societal pressure to find a husband.


While I thought it was a bit sexist at times, that’s precisely what makes it a humorous film. I consider it perhaps the best Mexican romantic comedy I’ve seen, and it’s special because it speaks to us directly. The cast is incredible, and I liked it a lot because it makes us laugh at ourselves. You can watch all these movies on different platforms, with NETFLIX being my favorite.


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Milagros Nieto

Milagros Nieto

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