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Why Learn Spanish with  WorldsAcross?

Our trained Latin American tutors are language professionals, our method works for every level  and we won’t stop until you are fluent in Spanish

Living the language Method

We rely on our Living the Language method, that goes beyond teaching grammatical structures and immerses you in the Latin American culture.

A coach to guide you along the way

In WorldsAcross you have a Coach to monitor your progress and the achievement of your goals, setting short-term goals that will allow you to advance in your learning.

Native tutors from different parts of the world

Our tutors are fully trained in teaching Spanish, as well as in effective communication skills, promoting the values ​​that characterize us such as respect, responsibility and cultural diversity.

How long will it take me to learn Spanish?

In WorldsAcross, our aim is that you become fluent while you enjoy the process. Our program is designed to adjust to the pace and learning style of each individual learner, allowing them to progress at their own speed. However, the program’s immersive and dynamic approach to learning can help learners make significant progress within a relatively short period. With our Premium Plan, a motivated student can go from beginner to conversational in under 6 months.

***on a 15 hour/month basis

What people say about WorldsAcross


WorldsAcross has been a great experience so far. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and eager to satisfy the interest of the students

Manish kumar Abbi, Learning Spanish.

The teachers and my coach really care about my learning. I have already felt and seen an improvement. I highly recommend this platform to whomever wants to improve their Spanish!

Traci – United States

My experience with WorldsAcross has been everything I could ask for in a Spanish course. They do the best job in shaping your lessons around whatever your learning style may be, and personalizing your courses to achieve your goals by the time you desire.

Tony White – United States

The teachers in WorldsAcross are all amazing and the teaching methods are completely personalized to your preferences and way of learning. In only 1 month I feel like I have made a huge amount of progress I would highly recommend!

Juliette Weiss – France

Having classes of Spanish with the WorldsAcross team was one of my best experiences. The courses allow you to track your progress concretely. You can also manage to have adequate courses according to your aims, like DELE preparation. I highly recommend it !!

Yaline Bettahi – Morocco

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