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Milagros Nieto
March 19, 2023
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Certainly, you may have heard of tongue twisters, and if you’re practicing Spanish, you’ve likely encountered some of them. Have you noticed the difficulty in pronouncing them? Don’t worry; that’s their purpose. This is a good exercise to improve your pronunciation when practicing Spanish.


Tongue twisters are sentences or texts designed to enhance pronunciation by combining similar sounds. They are very useful for developing agile and clear diction. Most learners struggle with the double ‘r,’ ‘z,’ or ‘s’ sounds. Tongue twisters provide agility and assistance in pronouncing challenging words.


Moreover, tongue twisters introduce us to new words that sound similar but are different, helping improve auditory skills. I firmly believe in using tongue twisters in Spanish classes to enhance pronunciation.


Tongue twisters are valuable tools for correct reading aloud, so it’s not recommended to memorize them. Instead, repeat them until you can master and overcome the difficulty.


Here are some tongue twisters for you to practice:

Try saying them aloud clearly and quickly, gradually increasing speed. Repeat them many times.


Barbara had a cow

Named Valencia

Dressed in white

Danced with boots, a broom, all of you, and Valentín.


Pablo Pablito nailed a little nail

What little nail did Pablo Pablito nail?


Chiqui was a tiny girl

Chiqui’s jacket was tiny

Because if Chiqui had a tiny jacket

Chiqui’s jacket would be tiny.


R with an ox, cart

R with a rail

R with the wheel

The wheel of the train.


History is the successive narration

Of events that happened

Successively in the succession

Successive times.


He who eats little coconut,

Buys little coconut;

He who covers little with a cape,

Buys a little cape.

Since I eat little coconut,

I buy little coconut,

And as I cover myself little with a cape,

I buy a little cape.


Pedro Pablo Perez Pereira

Poor Portuguese painter

Paints landscapes for little money

To pay for a ticket

To be able to pass through Paris.


If Sara marries

With the jacket Paca takes out,

Neither Sara marries,

Nor does Paca take out the jacket from the sack.


Manuel Micho, on a whim,

Mechs the meat of a male

And yesterday a boy said:

Much male Manuel mechs.


Rasquín was a rail

That scratched on a cliff,

With a rough cliff-scratcher

Scratching that scratched ended with the cliff,

Scratch the cliff, scratched a corner.


An old man from Badajoz had an old clapper,

One day it went down below and the clapper went up

Being the old man from Badajoz older than the clapper.


Six saws saw six seats

Sixty-six saws saw sixty-six seats

Seventy-six saws saw seventy-six seats.


At WorldsAcross, we offer group and individual classes where you can practice these tongue twisters with super fun native tutors from all over Latin America.


What are you wating for? Learn the real Spanish!

Milagros Nieto

Milagros Nieto

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