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Why Learning Spanish with WorldsAcross’s Tutors?

Individual Attention

Benefit from one-on-one sessions. Live Spanish tutors focusing solely on your unique needs and goals

Structured Learning

Progress in a systematic manner, from basics to fluency.

Expert Tutors

Learn from native Spanish speaking tutors with deep teaching expertise.

Customized Curriculum

Study material adapted to your current level and future aspirations.

Flexible Schedules

Tutoring sessions at your convenience, fitting seamlessly into your routine.

Elevate Your Spanish Skills

Dedicated Tutors:

Guiding you at each step, celebrating every milestone.

Tailored Lessons:

Customized tutoring sessions ensuring maximum comprehension and progress.

Interactive Modules:

Engage with Spanish through multimedia lessons, conversations, and exercises.

Feedback & Reviews:

Consistent feedback to help you refine your language skills.

Homework & Assignments:

Reinforce your learning through tailored assignments.

Community Interaction:

Join group study sessions for a more diverse learning experience.

Transparent Pricing:

Clear, upfront, and value-packed tutoring packages.

Meet Our Dedicated Tutors

From passionate educators to native speakers, our tutors bring a rich tapestry of experience, ensuring you get the best in Spanish education. Dive deep into the language with individualized attention and guidance. 🌟

Fernando R.

Yesenia C.

José  Avendaño

Estefania Silva

Success Stories

Hear from students who transformed their Spanish under our expert tutors’ guidance.

Worlds Across has been crucial to improving my ability to speak and comprehend Spanish, all while having fun conversations and learning about Latin American culture.

Douglas Kobbs

WorldsAcross Student

WorldsAcross has been a great experience so far. The teachers are all very knoweledgeable and eager to satisfy the interest of the students.

Steven Ellman

WorldsAcross Student

This experience has been great, I’ve learned new information and reviewed the old information also. Everyone is kind and helps me a lot with my Spanish learning experience. 

Bella Johnson

WorldsAcross Student


FAQs: Your Spanish Tutoring Questions Answered

How does personalized tutoring differ from group classes?

Personalized tutoring focuses entirely on you – your pace, your questions, your challenges. It offers undivided attention.

Can I choose my tutor?

Yes, we provide profiles of our tutors, allowing you to choose based on expertise, teaching style, and feedback.

What if I need to reschedule a session?

Our platform offers flexibility. You can reschedule your sessions with prior notice.

How is progress measured in tutoring sessions?

Regular assessments, feedback sessions, and milestone checks ensure you’re always on track.

What if I'm not satisfied with the service?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not completely in love with your learning experience.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Absolutely! You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time.

What are the operating hours for classes?

Our classes are available from 6 am ET to 11 pm ET, providing you with a flexible schedule to fit your lifestyle.


Are the tutors native Spanish speakers?

Yes, all our tutors are native Spanish speakers with expertise in teaching personalized 1-on-1 classes.


What's unique about your teaching style?

We focus on real-life conversations and immersive learning, helping you acquire practical language skills rather than just textbook knowledge.


Can I focus my learning on specific topics, like travel or community engagement?

Definitely! Our personalized 1-on-1 classes allow you to tailor the curriculum to your specific needs and interests.

How does the pricing work?

We offer flexible pricing options to suit different budgets, along with the freedom to change your plan as needed.

Do you offer group sessions?

Yes, we offer group sessions to help you engage with a community of fellow learners, enhancing your educational experience.


How do I schedule my classes?

You can easily schedule your classes through our online platform, choosing a slot that works best for you within our operating hours.

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