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What Students Will Get

  • Conversational Skills: Real Spanish dialogue and phrases to help you become fluent in Spanish.
  • Flexible Learning: Pre-recorded videos available 24/7.
  • Quick Grammar Hacks: Easy-to-follow hacks that are perfect for Spanish for Beginners.
  • Cultural Briefs: Dive into the culture of Spanish-speaking countries, enriching your language learning journey.
  • Community Support: Get the most out of the course by engaging with our vibrant WorldsAcross community.

Meet the Team Behind WorldsAcross:

We’re Here to Make Learning Spanish Unforgettable! 🌟

Juan Herrera

Chief Executive Officer

  • CEO and Co-founder of WorldsAcross
  • +500 Success Stories
  • Creator of the “Living the Language” Method

🎙️ Juan is your go-to guy for making sure you not only learn Spanish but absolutely enjoy the process.

Osmel Gelvez

Chief Operating Officer

  • COO and Co-founder of WorldsAcross
  • Stellar Tutor
  • Well of Knowledge on Teaching and Learning

🎙️ Osmel combines management prowess with incredible teaching skills to make sure your experience is second to none.

Maria Sanchez

Chief Education Officer

  • Co-founder and Head of the Education Team
  • Education Strategist
  • Student Success Advocate

🎙️ Maria keeps the educational content top-notch and ensures that the learning curve is as smooth as your morning coffee.

Jose Avendaño

Linguist Specialist

  • Language Theorist
  • Specialist in Spanish Linguistics
  • Tons of Charisma

🎙️ Jose isn’t just a linguist, he’s the life of the party. His charisma will have you loving linguistics more than you thought possible.

Gabriela Nieto

Lead Tutor

  • Energetic Teaching Style
  • Magnetic Charisma
  • Exceptional Tutoring Skills

🎙️ Gabriela brings an energy that’s nothing short of infectious. You’ll be motivated and energized in every session.

Franco Spada

Lead Tutor

  • Well-Versed in Spanish Literature and Culture
  • Exceptional Tutoring Abilities
  • Knowledgeable in Various Teaching Methods

🎙️ Franco is the guru of tutors, bringing a wealth of knowledge to each lesson. You’re in excellent hands!

See What Our Students Have To Say About Us

It is very important to share the feedback we get from our students about our method.

Worlds Across has been crucial to improving my ability to speak and comprehend Spanish, all while having fun conversations and learning about Latin American culture.

Douglas Kobbs

WorldsAcross Student

WorldsAcross has been a great experience so far. The teachers are all very knoweledgeable and eager to satisfy the interest of the students.

Steven Ellman

WorldsAcross Student

This experience has been great, I’ve learned new information and reviewed the old information also. Everyone is kind and helps me a lot with my Spanish learning experience. 

Bella Johnson

WorldsAcross Student