The 5 Most Popular Traditions of Latin America

Sireana Malpica
September 13, 2022
celebración de la cultura latina, personas disfrazadas en una festividad

The Traditions of Latin America are a source of diversity, a product of its history. Although they share the same origin, each one has its idiosyncrasy, which has given rise to different customs that reflect it. But what has been clearly demonstrated is how much we enjoy celebrations, don’t we?


In addition to the joyful and festive atmosphere that accompanies these celebrations, and as this is a space not only for learning Spanish but also for culture, today we are going on a journey to 5 countries to tell you about the ones that have somehow crossed borders and become known worldwide:


✅ Carnivals of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

This celebration takes place during the Lenten period before Easter week and lasts for 4 days. Here, European and African cultures come together to showcase grand costumes, musical groups with instruments like drums, dances, and vibrant colors.


We can’t skip mentioning samba as a musical style and the dance classes you should take to go to Brazil and enjoy the carioca experience. By this, I mean the identity of its inhabitants and the artistic expressions that bring together music, food, and even soccer.


✅ Day of the Dead in Mexico

A tradition you’ve surely heard of due to its significance, primarily for Mexicans. It takes place on November 2nd every year, where Mayan and Aztec traditions blend with Christian ones.


The purpose of this celebration is to remember loved ones who have passed away, but from a perspective of joy and positivity. Most people dress in folk costumes and skull masks. The tradition involves bringing flowers, gifts, and food to the place where they pay homage to the departed.


✅ Inti Raymi in Peru

Also known as the Festival of the Sun, it’s celebrated on June 24th during the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. Its significance lies in marking the start of a new solar year according to the ancestors of the Inca civilization. It’s primarily celebrated in Cusco, but other cities also maintain the tradition, as do other countries in the region. This celebration highlights color, music, dances, and traditional Inca clothing.


✅ Feria de las Flores in Colombia

This takes place in Medellín, Antioquia, at the beginning of August. It’s an emblematic celebration as it fills the city with flowers for 10 days and features activities that highlight their customs and values, known as ‘Paisa’ culture.


As I mentioned, there are many events, including horse parades, parades, and dances. The flowers symbolize the city’s color, aroma, and how its inhabitants perceive it.


✅ National Grape Harvest Festival in Argentina

I couldn’t forget to mention this celebration that takes place in the city of Mendoza, known for its primary activity in grape production. This tradition commemorates the end of the grape harvest. It occurs between February and March each year, and though it’s a somewhat old celebration, it clearly shows the locals’ effort to promote the wine industry.


There are dances, plays, music, and many people wear traditional attire. This would be the perfect festival for wine lovers. See you there!


These traditions of Latin America represent the purest essence of our culture and are a way to keep our history and values alive. But they wouldn’t be the same if we couldn’t share and make them known.


At WorldsAcross, we believe that every Spanish language learner should experience one of these wonderful traditions at some point, because remember, it’s not just about learning the language, but also living it.”



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