The Journey to Spanish Fluency: Embracing Challenges

Juan Herrera
February 14, 2024

As someone constantly seeking the most effective and creative strategies for my students, I recently stumbled upon a particularly intriguing challenge.

Identifying the Challenge

A few months ago, I noticed a trend among advanced and intermediate-advanced learners. They were struggling to transition from being conversational to achieving full Spanish fluency. This gap, frustratingly familiar to many, including myself, prompted a period of introspection.

A Personal Reflection

I began reflecting on my own journey to fluency in English and French. Being a shy person, I struggled speaking English and French in real life. What was the key to gaining confidence and proficiency in these languages? Then it hit me: the turning point involved stepping out of my comfort zone, facilitated by one of my tutors.

The Turning Point

This tutor introduced me to an open forum, putting me on the spot in a way that felt slightly awkward (haha, yes, I was so nervous), but this method proved to be incredibly beneficial. Despite the initial discomfort and terror, this exposure to real-life language use was exactly what I needed—and it’s precisely what happens when you have an immersive language experience while traveling.

I remember stepping into the room, and my legs were kind of shaking. Haha, it wasn’t just a conversational experience; it was a workshop designed to teach us essentially how to give speeches in English.

At first, I felt so nervous that it seemed like the other students were speaking Chinese to me. The teacher made me feel welcome and comfortable, understanding the process like thinking, “No worries, this is normal. It’s not my first rodeo, but you’ll get there.” And in that same class, by the end, I just made it. I dared, and suddenly words started coming out of my mouth—of course, making mistakes (haha, I still do), but I was communicating with my classmates in a different language, about real-life situations.

We were talking about ice cream. The topic was irrelevant, but the feeling was one of pure happiness and pride. At that moment, learning languages stopped being like a subject in school and became a part of my life!

Applying Lessons Learned

Now, as a tutor and coach at WorldsAcross, I leverage this personal insight to foster growth among my students. I’ve realized that pushing students into slightly uncomfortable situations is not just effective—it’s necessary.

The Power of Challenge

Feeling uncomfortable and challenged, especially when deeply passionate about the language, transforms the learning experience. It becomes more empowering and exciting, less about fear and more about conquering.

Real-Life Application

Improvisation and real-life conversation practice equip learners with tools to handle spontaneous interactions. After all, true linguistic fluency doesn’t thrive in perfect conditions—it blossoms amidst the chaos of real-world communication.

Our Unique Approach: Café or Debate Sessions

This understanding has shaped our innovative Café or Debate Sessions. These sessions provide the perfect platform for learners to test their skills in dynamic, real-life scenarios, proving that they can navigate conversations in a new language with ease and confidence.

In the end, it is about speaking Spanish…

Embracing challenges is not just a part of learning; it’s the essence of it. Our journey at WorldsAcross is about making each learner realize that stepping out of their comfort zone is not just beneficial—it’s transformative. It’s about showing that with the right mindset and support, achieving Spanish fluency is not just a dream—it’s an attainable reality.

Join us as we continue to explore, challenge, and celebrate the journey to language fluency. Because when it comes to learning, the most fantastic adventures are those that push us to our limits and beyond.

What are you wating for? Learn the real Spanish!

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