The Six Most Beautiful Words in Spanish

Virginia Orozco
June 7, 2022
Beautiful Words In Spanish

What a fortune it is to be able to choose words to express a feeling, emotion or idea with the goal to communicate it and connect with others. Though many claim that language limits us, I beg to differ on the fact that language not only shapes thought but immortalizes it. If it weren’t for language and words, how could we store ideas, emotions and events? There will always be new words to express ourselves and that’s why languages are created and evolve.

In this sense, Spanish can be a difficult language to learn, with our irregular verbs and polysemy, I feel you students. But don’t you give up, because what is unquestionable is that our language is beautiful and includes precious words that can move us and make us feel in a thousand different ways.

It is the second most spoken Western language and is known for being a romantic and passionate language. You have probably heard Spanish words on a song by Luis Fonsi or Shakira that you may not know the meaning of but you are positive it is something beautiful, sweet, sexy and mágico. This is a beautiful language that sounds like no other. It combines musicality, strength and rhythm. As the Spanish-speaking population, it is a mixture. It combines the sweetness of the Romance languages ​​with the strong syllables from the Greek and Arabic words. 

Unlike English, in Spanish there are no inflections in the tone. The words vibrate on the same frequency, and sound like a song because, although they are always articulated in the same tone, they are sharp and flat, depending on the syllable on which we put the emphasis.

There are very beautiful terms, not only because of how they sound but because of their meaning, because just as there are words that do not exist and should exist in our language, there are other wonderful, extremely beautiful ones that sometimes have no equivalent in other languages, and their meaning evoke something special in our brains. So you can imagine how difficult it can be to pick favorites in the deep ocean of words in this rich language, however here I have taken the hard task of narrowing down the 6 of the most beautiful words:

  • Petricor: you’re laying on your bed or just chilling on the couch, with nothing turned on, and suddenly you start hearing the drops of rain knocking on your window, waving you; open it and smell, that is petricor, the name of the smell of the rain after falling on dry ground. 
  • Inefable: when you’re in absolute awe and speechless about something so incredible, so amazing that you cannot express or describe in words, that something is inefable.
  • Etéreo: can use this word when you want to describe something that is extremely light and delicate, maybe describe a poem or song, or just the 
  • Alba: the alba is that first gorgeous thin light before sunrise, no wonder this is a popular name for women in Spanish.
  • Bonhomía: taken from the Latin word on (good) and homme (man), this word is related to kindness, compassion and honesty. 
  • Serendipia: you are looking for something specific, let’s say conjugations in Spanish; but then suddenly find an unexpected and fortunate article about the most beautiful words in Spanish to expand your vocabulary and brighten up your day. This is hell of a serendipia!

What words do you find beautiful in Spanish or your own language? Tell us in the comment section and remember you can join our Spanish learners community in WorldsAcross.

What are you wating for? Learn the real Spanish!

Virginia Orozco

Virginia Orozco

BA in Modern Languages and Political Scientist. Spanish-English-French Translator. Copywriter. Linguistics and Arts Enthusiast.

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